WEEK 2 - FEATURE PRODUCT (Traditional Ukrainian Hustka)

WEEK 2 - FEATURE PRODUCT (Traditional Ukrainian Hustka)

With only 13 weeks left 'till Christmas, we continue to feature products that make great present ideas! 
This week’s feature is a traditional Ukrainian hustka (or as some call it: platok). Ukrainian women have been wearing hustka's for hundreds of years and it was considered to be a key part of a woman’s attire.

These days, hustka’s are worn both as head piece and as a scarf, and are probably one of the most recognizable symbols of Ukrainian heritage. UKIEOLOGY.COM has hustka's in a multitude of colours and they are perfect for those cold fall and winter days!
At only $25 + tax, it is a very affordable piece of Ukraine that goes beyond its borders and is worn by a multitude of various nationalities in addition to Ukrainian.
Olesya Hursky

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