Women's Dresses

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Embroidered Dress "Kazka"
Black Knit Dress "Flora"
Beige Knit Dress-“Stefania”
Black Knit Dress-“Stefania”
Beige Knit Dress
Dress “Ulyana”
Embroidered Linen Dress “Mavka”
Blue Linen Dress “Lastivka”
Dress "Marichka"
White Dress "Mavka"- XL
White Dress "Rosaliya"
Black Dress "Rosaliya"
Beige Dress
Beige Dress
Dress “Iryna”
Dress “Sky Blue”
Navy Linen Dress-“Zoryana”
Black Embroidered Dress “Galychanka”
Black Embroidered Dress “Pysanka”
Raspberry Red Embroidered Dress “Grey Geometric”
Red Embroidered Dress “Grey Geometric”
Black Embroidered Dress “Grey Geometric”
Red Women's Dress-“Varvara”
Printed Embroidery Summer Dress
Yellow Summer Dress
Navy Knit Dress
Linen Dress “Knyahynya”
Linen Dress “Morning Dew”
Linen Dress “Lastivka”
Blue Tunic-Dress
Blue Tunic-Dress
$34.00 $43.00
Yellow Tunic-Dress
Yellow Tunic-Dress
$38.00 $43.00
Embroidered Linen Dress - “Wild Rose”
Embroidered Dress "Carpathian"
Little Black Cocktail Embroidered Dress
Women's Dress- "Tree of Life"
Black Embroidered Dress “Blue and White Geometric”
Navy Linen Dress-“Rose”
48 results
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