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Embroidered Earrings- Various Colours
Herdan- Tryzub
Wooden Namysto - "Kalyna"
Korali Set - “Duchess”
Korali - 2 String “Red and Black”
Korali Set- “Love Ukraine”
Wooden Namysto - "Glacier Water"
Wooden Namysto Set- "Blue and Yellow"
Wooden Namysto Set- "Crimson"
Herdan- Kalyna
Herdan- Kalyna
Korali Set - “Tenderness”
Korali-3 String “Red and Black”
Herdan- Ukrainian Sunflowers
Korali - "Gogodzy"
Namysto - "RiverRun"
Korali-"Double String"
Korali - One String Choker Set
Korali- "Silver Coin"
Orange Coral Korali Set
Korali Set- “Sour Cherries”
Necklace Set- “Terracotta”
Wooden Namysto - "Poltava"
Wooden Namysto - "September Sunshine"
Wooden Namysto - "Crimson"
Wooden Namysto - "Vyshyvanka"
Wooden Namysto - "Ukraine"
Wooden Namysto - "Tricolour"
Herdan- Poppies
Herdan- Poppies
Herdan- Tryzub
Herdan- Tryzub
Lemko Kryza
Lemko Kryza
Korali- “Festive”
Korali Set - “Kalyna” 3 String
Namysto Set - "Gypsie”
37 results
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