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This collection contains various home décor items and souvenirs.
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Woven Table Runner- Taupe
Woven Table Runner- Beige
Woven Table Runner- Grey
Easter Basket Cover
Wooden Pysanky - Large
Wooden Pysanky- Medium
Decorative Wooden Pysanky
Pysanka Keychains
Shot Glass
Shot Glass
Decorative Pillow - Poppy
Wall Clock "Field of Poppies"
Tea Mug "Flowers" - 350 ml
Teapot "Hutorok"
Teapot "Flowers"
Decorative Pillow - "Traditional"
Decorative Pillow - "Ukie Heart"
Decorative Pillow - "Field of Poppies"
Tea Mug  "Hutorok" 350 ml
Tea Mug (Tall)  "Hutorok" 350 ml
Spoon Rest  "Flowers"
Spoon Rest " Hutorok"
Tea Mug (Tall) "Flowers" 350 ml
Wall Clock "Red Rose"
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