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It’s not about us, it’s about you – so we won’t write much.

UKIEOLOGY was founded in 2017 by husband and wife, Rostyk and Olesya. Both were born in Western Ukraine but immigrated to Toronto, Canada as teenagers. We are very passionate, dedicated and patriotic Ukrainians –always have been – as we were brought up that way. Love for Ukraine flows through our veins, in the songs we sing, in the music we dance to, in the foods we eat and now through UKIEOLOGY as well. 
Our families took pride in our Ukrainian heritage, preserving traditions and passing them on to new generations. From early childhood we wore vyshyvanka's and learned to appreciate the beauty and meaning of Ukrainian embroidered symbols, patterns and colours. Once we moved to Canada, we got intertwined in the vast Ukrainian community here, first in Toronto and now in Saskatoon.
Being away from what is near and dear to your heart makes you crave it even more- and so being in Canada made us more passionate about Ukraine than being in Ukraine ever did. And so, we want to bring a piece of Ukraine to your household as well!
Our aim is to showcase the best Ukraine has to offer, therefore majority of our merchandise is made in Ukraine with few items made by talented Ukrainian diaspora here in Canada. In our store you will find one of a kind hand-made namysto (korali), traditional embroidered blouses and shirts as well as clothing with a modern take on Ukrainian embroidery. We do our best to bring a wide assortment of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories and home décor. We work hard to ensure we offer variety of sizes, colors and styles - something for you and for everyone in your family!
We truly appreciate every single one of you for being a part of our UKIEOLOGY experience, for helping promote our business, and for your feedback and comments.  We are dependent on you and your satisfaction and take pride in ensuring that your order is fulfilled to its highest standards and that you receive those items that you really, really wanted.
Thanks, and see you more at UKIEOLOGY!
Olesya and Rostyk
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