Women's Accessories

This collection contains women's accessories and jewellery.
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Premium Hustka- Large
Cap “Ukraine”
“I heart Ukraine” apron
«I Kiss Better than I Cook» apron
«Best Hostess in the World» apron
«Best Hostess» apron
“Best Grandma in the World” apron
Ukrainian Cap “Kalyna”
Faux Leather Clutch "Vyshyvanka"
Girl's Change-Purse "Kalyna"
Make-up Bag “Floral Abstract”
Cream Make-up Bag “Poppy”
Make-up Bag “Roses”
Small Wallet "Poppies on Beige"
Small Wallet "Etno”
Wallet "Poppy"
Barrel Purse "Roses"
Chic Shawls- Rose Bouquet
Chic Shawls- Traditional
Chic Shawls- Orange Flame
Chic Shawls- Pink Rose Bouquet
Chic Shawls- Floral Inspiration
Chic Shawls- Morning Dew
Chic Shawls- Green Garden
Chic Shawls- Blue Rose
Faux Leather Clutch "Ornament"
Faux Leather Clutch "Poppy"
Envelope Style Clutch "Kalyna”
Cherry Clutch "Geometric”
Red Clutch "Geometric”
Red Clutch "Fantasy”
Gift Set- Red
Gift Set- Red
Gift Set- Black
Children’s Socks with Embroidered Detail
Small Wallet "Geometric”
Small Wallet "Poppies"
108 results
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