Feature Product - Namysto/Korali

Feature Product - Namysto/Korali

These items are truly beautiful and are admired by everyone who sees them! Every woman wants one and wishes for it to somehow make it to their household! This week’s feature for UKIEOLOGY.COM is Namysto/Korali!!!

Namysto (Busy, Korali) are one of the oldest forms of feminine ornaments in Ukraine. There is a long history of Ukrainian women wearing beaded jewelry, and the ways that namysto was worn has evolved through the centuries together with its styles, colours and materials used.

Namysto bares more than just a decorative element- it’s meaning is symbolic. It was believed to be protective from ill wishes and bad people and was passed on from generation to generation, as family heirloom.

Namysto also symbolized the wealth status of the woman who wore it. Only the wealthy could afford 10-15 stings of korali, while majority of population made do with 2-3 strings. Various decorative elements would be added to increase the value and would depend of the region: zgardas (usually had crosses added), salbas (coin layered neck bib common in Bukovyna region) and dukach (necklace with a large coin and a bow; central and eastern Ukraine). Additionally, namysto could be made from various materials: amber beads, glass and pearl beads, small beads (biser) and most known coral beads (bright red beads symbolized woman’s health and beauty). 

And so with only a few weeks left ‘till Christmas, this weeks feature are Namysto/Korali. This is truly a very special gift that will bare a lot of meaning (as every Ukrainian woman should be a proud owner of at least one set of korali necklace).

Some of our Korali are sets combined with earrings, some have bracelets and earrings, all are STUNNING!

Every set of korali in our store have been hand made in Ukraine by talented artists who pour their hearts and Ukrainian spirit into these truly magnificent necklaces.

Visit WWW.UKIEOLOGY.COM to get yours today!

Olesya Hursky

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