Leather Belt with Buckle “Carpathian Hawk”

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Leather belt with handmade brass buckle “Ax of God”
The belt buckle is created by the ancient Slavic epic. According to ancient beliefs, Svarog is a god-blacksmith, he taught people to use fire, to flood copper and forge iron. In addition, Svarog presented our ancestors the Golden Chalice, the Golden Plow and the Golden Ax to the soldiers, which he ordered to protect the earth and the sky.
Buckles cast in brass. After casting, each buckle is processed manually.
The buckle is attached to a leather belt mount, which is connected to a belt with a screw, which makes it easy to shorten the belt. 
The Belt is made from genuine leather. 
Buckle size: 40х100 mm.
Belt's length: 120-125 sm.
Belt's width: 38 mm

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