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Beige Dress with Colourful Geometric Design
Black Dress with Flower Design
Black Embroidered Dress “Blue Geometric”
Black Embroidered Dress “Red Geometric”
Blue Dress "Lelya"
Blue Embroidered Dress
Burgundy dress “Flora”
Burgundy Knit Dress
Dress “Marigolds”
Elegant Embroidered Linen Dress
Embroidered Linen Dress “Cherry”
Embroidered Linen Dress- "Wild Rose"
Embroidered Navy Blue Button Up Dress
Girl's Blue Embroidered Dress
Girl's Dress "Fantasy"
Girl's Dress with Red and Black Embroidery
Girl's Embroidered Dress " Ukrainian Bouquet"
Girl's Navy Blue Embroidered Dress
Green Dress with Golden Accent
Jade Embroidered Linen Dress
Navy Blue Embroidered Dress
Navy Sleeveless Dress
Navy Sleeveless Dress “Rose Garden”
Olive Green Linen Dress
Red Linen Embroidered Dress
Sky Blue Embroidered Dress
Sleeveless Summer Dress - Various Colours
White Summer Sleeveless Dress
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