Feature Product - KLEYNOD watches made in Ukraine

Feature Product - KLEYNOD watches made in Ukraine

With just over three weeks left until Christmas, time has really been ticking away on us and what a better way to introduce our next feature item - the very special, classy, unique and like everything else in our store - Made in Ukraine, please say hello to our feature partner - KLEYNOD Watches!

Kleynod trademark was created in 2002. It took its name from the word kleynody, which means special attributes of state power, symbols of Ukrainian Hetmans. Kleynody symbolized victory and glory of their masters, their wisdom and special status. They were used as regalia and decoration during celebrations and holidays.

Today Kleynod is the first Ukrainian watch brand developed, designed and manufactured by watchmakers of Kyiv Watch Factory. Kleynod watches are absolutely unique in design and have become popular across the globe!

Kleynod watches are created using Swiss movements and technology. The casings themselves are made of high-quality steel, some are plated in gold and watch-faces are made of mineral or sapphire crystals. All watches carry a 3 year warranty which starts on the day of your purchase!

We at UKIEOLOGY.COM feature 19 different models which start in price from as low as $155 dollars! They are definitely an eye catcher and offer pleasure and sense of pride to those who wear them!


Kleynod watches stand their ground when it comes to other global brands and these watches make for really great and unique presents! We are proud to be working with Kleynod and having their products part of our store!

Gift a Kleynod for yourself or someone close to you!

Check out our full inventory at WWW.UKIEOLOGY.COM! We have something for everyone on your list and bring the best of Ukraine to your doorstep!

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